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One of the most interesting stories about GM happens to be related to
ice creams. One of its customers, after just buying a Pontiac car,
complained to its customer care division that his vehicle refused to
start whenever he purchased vanilla ice cream.

Making things stranger, it was not the case when the ice cream flavour
was chocolate, butter-scotch or anything else and the car was giving
trouble only if it was vanilla.

The complaint appeared crazy, but the company went ahead in its quest to
solve the puzzle and an engineer was sent to the customer.

The engineer accompanied the customer on his vanilla ice cream shopping
and the car actually gave problems in starting there after. The next few
nights, it was chocolate, strawberry and some other flavour and there
was no problem.

Refusing to accept that the car was allergic to vanilla ice cream, the
engineer continued to study the pattern, took all his notes, thought
over it and finally got his answer.

Whenever it was vanilla, the time taken for return to the car from the
shop was minimum, and the other flavours were taking longer time. The
reason, vanilla, being the most popular flavour, was always kept stocked
nearer to the shopkeeper, while others were relatively at a distance.

Finally, the engineer reached out for the real problem-- which was in
the car's vapour lock as the additional time for purchase of non-vanilla
ice creams was allowing the engine to cool down considerably and vapour
lock was getting dissipated, leading to problems in its start.

At the same time, the customer was coming out of the shop with vanilla
ice cream early and the engine still heated enough for the vapour lock
to dissipate. The problem was found and the vapour lock was fixed.

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