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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:25 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I was working in the night shift for the whole month so had to
travel by cab rather than bus. I used to work from 4.00 p.m. to 2.30
a.m. so naturally I had lost contact with almost all people working in
dayshift except for my teammates who would surrender the charge to me
while leaving for the day. For the whole month I didn't travel by bus.
Obviously didn't see her. She works in the adjacent building only, but I
don't know where her cubicle is located exactly and anyways even if I
would be knowing that, I don't think I have that much guts to approach
For almost a month I didn't see her, but I didn't feel any
desperation to see her. I was unbelievably aloof in this case. Was it
the effect of that evening incidence?

Today, the office had planned to screen a movie in the campus.
I had seen it but thought of enjoying it with friends in the open air. I
took the permission for an hour from my boss and went for that. The
dialogues were not much audible on the lawns, but it was fun to watch
the movie in an open air theatre like that. I was to leave the place to
return to my cubicle and turned around when I saw her standing there
just around 10 feet away from me.
I don't know why but my heart started speeding a lot higher
than even Michael Schumaker's Ferrari. She just smiled at someone in the
crowd at my back, tried her best not to look directly to me and just
left the place. I stood there for a minute or two just wondering what
had happened.
Why did she smile? Did she feel good that I am still in the
same company only or she didn't even take notice of my presence and
really smiled at someone in the crowd at my back? But we were so close
that it was practically impossible for her to just ignore me.
I saw him today, at the movie screening. Thank god he is still
working with this company only. I thought of smiling at him and greeting
him. I was so happy to see him, I wanted to ask him where he was for so
many days, whether he was not well, had he changed his house or was he
using bike for the transport, but again I didn't ask a single question.
I stayed calm. I didn't want to embarrass him again.
I don't know what I feel about him, but somehow whenever I see
him, I do feel better. I hope he starts travelling by bus again.
Everyday we can see each other in the morning and wish each other a very
good morning without any words or smile but just with a plain look.

[To be continued....]

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