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Hi all
We all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. People who smoke die 5 to 8 years earlier than those who do not smoke. But did you know what harm does smoking causes to the human body??

Nearly all cases of lung cancer, including throat, bladder, mouth, kidney, bladder cancer.
Two times risk of fatal heart disease.
Increased risk of having a stroke.
Increased blood pressure.
Increased sensitivity to colds and other respiratory infections.
Complicated sleep disorders.
Greater risk of stillbirths in pregnant women.
Lower body weight and higher risks of asthma and chronic ear infections
in children born to smoking women.

In addition to these, smoking also affects the non-smokers, who in some way or the other inhale this passive smoke. The short term effects are : headache, cough, nausea, irritation in the eye, etc. and long term effects can be the same as the smokers.

Smoking is an evil in the sense that it harms the smokers as well as non-smokers, and even unborn children.

For smokers with pets, it is worth mentioning that a dog of a smoker has 1.6 times chances of lung cancer than a dog of non-smoker.
In Canada, about 20% of the population was reported to be smoking in 2004. Although this number has deecreased from a high rate of 25 % in the year 1999, a lot needs to be done in this direction.

For those who have never smoked in life, take a pledge to never do it because it becomes an addiction with time. For those who started smoking pretty recently, it is easier to quit and prevent yourself from the hazards of smoking. For those who plan to quit smoking or want to quit smoking, there are places where you can go and get help in quitting smoking if you are not able to do so yourself.

Do not do it for fun, it can spoil your life, it can drag you into unwished levels of sufferings. If you smoke, try minimising it so that slowly you can get rid of it. It is not a habit worth pursuing.

Hope this article was helpful to smokers and non-smokers alike. If I missed any important aspect, please feel free to contribute to my and other peoples' knowledge.

I also hope to see a decrease in the number of smokers in the times ahead. All that you require is a strong determination and a will for healthier and happier living.

Please scroll down.........the most important stuff about quitting smoking has been added by me below. Don't miss it. Also send this topic to all ur friends who smoke and show ur concern towards them and towards ur self..

The image does explain a lot about what a cigarette is made up of and what harm it does to the human beings. A carcinogenic substance is a subtance that is known to cause cancer. And besides these ofcourse, tobacco and certain chemicals which brands use as flavours.


26 percent of the adult population in the USA—an estimated 80 percent would like to stop smoking.
For the last 20 years, the proportion of Americans who smoke has dropped continuously, for the first time in their history. In America today, there are nearly 45 million ex-smokers. Most of the smokers have succeeded in quitting smoking without outside assistance.
For those smokers who want to quit but are having difficulty, there are many programs and products marketed as being helpful, including group classes, hypnosis, nicotine replacement therapies and smoking deterrents. Researchers have recognized quitting smoking to be a complex behavior influenced by physiological, psychological, cognitive and social factors. In general, most cessation treatments yield 1-year quit rates (based on all original participants) between 10 and 40 percent." If you want to quit and believe that outside assistance would be helpful, many options are available see if there are any that seem right for you

satish kumar.R
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