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Joined: 28 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 1:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Days are gone, when our Oasis is called the dollar area. Days are gone, when we saw bright smile in the innocent face of our loved ones. And what is left today is the debris of our peopleís bliss.
I believe, every one made this line is well being, and I wish, because you are brought up during the golden time, you are given good education, and now you are earning some pennyís to satisfy your needs.
Donít we feel, this is the time to serve our people and society? Donít we think, this is the right time to remit the love? Is it not, our heart wrenching, on seeing the horrible and pathetic situation, our society facing today?
Here at forum, we had quite a few posts, wherein we discussed all the distress and calamities faced by our people. Some have even come up with good views and suggestions to overcome these problems. We have also discussed about how we can serve our people. But, have any of these got implemented at any time? I suppose, the answer is ďNOĒ.
What are we gonna to do to our society? What are we gonna to do to pursue and solve the problems our peoples facing today? How are we going to serve our people?

Every Community has their own Welfare Association. Do we have one?
Why not we join our hands to build the Badagar Welfare Association.
Why Welfare? What are we going to do thru Welfare?

Thru Welfare we should provide FREE Medical Service.
We should Start FREE Educational Institutions, to provide quality education to our peoples
We have to create Job opportunities
The Welfare should support the people, during the time they fight for tea rates.
The Welfare members should grab the MLA and MP posts.
Welfare should take part in Auctions, at least to keep track of all the happenings in tea and vegetable markets.

Please put in your valuable suggestions and comments. Your view makes the difference. Let us join, to make the Nilgiriís the better one tomorrow.

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Joined: 03 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

When I was free, I went through all the posts in Badaga Community Link.
I saw this post, and surprised, that no one give any answer or suggesstions for this post.

We have now a number of Associations in Nilgiris and all over the World.

1. Young Badaga Association-Started at around 1960s.

2. Naakku Betta Nala Sangam-Ooty.

3. Ooty Town Badagas Association, Ooty.

4. Badaga Ilignar Peravai, Ooty.

5. HPF Badaga Welfare Association, Ooty.

6. Aravangadu Badaga Association, Aravanakadu

7. Coonoor Badaga Association, Coonoor.

8. Badaga Association, Mettupalayam.

9. Badaga Association, Thudiyalur.

10.Covai Naakkubetta Nala Sanga (Covai Badagar Sangam), Coimbatore.

11. Badaga Welfare Association, Chennai.

12.Badaga Gowda Welfare Association, Bangalore.

13. Badagar Peravai, Kotagiri.

15. Tiruppur badaga Association, Tiruppur.

16. Trichy Badaga Association, Trichy.

17. Bombay Badaga Association, Mumbai.

18. Hyderabad Badag Association, Hyderabad.

19. Dubai Badaga Association, Dubai.

In addition to all these Association FEDERATION OF ALL BADAGA ASSOCIATIONS, a Combined Apex body of All Badaga Associations.


N Bellie-Gerneral Secretary,
Covai Naakkubetta Nala Sangam
(Covai Badagar Sangam)

N BELLIE (LIC) (Achanakal)
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Joined: 12 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear All,
Its interesting as well as surprising to see so many Associations and I certainly believe that there might be some more hidden associations..... Inspite of having these many associations, nothing remarkable has happened over the years...... We keep telling that we Badagas are developing in a rocket speed in all fields..... But I already mentioned somewhere else in the forum that the individual success cannot be taken as a success for a whole community and individual development cannot be taken as the development of the community as a whole for sure....... A few examples might be, we have skillfull Doctors, Engineers, public sector employees, a few film actors, politicians, scientists, judges and many....... Can anyone say what changes did we see in the community as a whole inspite of shining in all fields........ We feel proud that our people have achieved such positions prooving our capability....... But I would say definitely that such success rates have never made a change in the society even by an inch........ But please note that there are always exceptions in every community that there are also people who have dedicated their education, their skills, their intelligence for the betterment of our society........
Days will dawn only when we start thinking and working towards the success of our community and not towards the success towards materialism and self pride............... So the question is not the number of Asociations we have but what is the work that the associations have done...........

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