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Dear Friends,
Well, we read a lot of stuff... in newspapers, books, e-mails; Most of which we
forget. But there are a few things which stay with us all the while.
Here are three short stories which have made a deep impression on me. Do go
thru them, am sure you will feel the same.

Walking along seashore, I saw a man walking a few paces ahead of me. Every few
minutes, he would bend down, pick up something from the beach and throw it back
into the sea.
Curious, I asked him what he was doing.
“Starfish”, he replied, “They are washed ashore by the tide. If I don’t throw them
back, they will be baked dead by the sun.”
“Are you crazy?” I said, “There are thousands of beaches around the world and
millions of starfishes dying around. What difference does it make?”
“Well,” said he, as he hurled another one into sea, “It does make a difference to this

A boy fell into the river and began to drown. A man, who was passing by, heard his
cries for help and jumping into the river, brought the boy back to shore.
“I don’t know how I can thank you enough, uncle” said the boy.
“You can thank me son…,” replied the guy, “…by making sure that when you grow
up, I will not regret saving you.”
The train stopped and I emerged from the station. It was a cold, chilly night, and I
was pained to see a child by the road, shivering and starving.
“Dear God,” I said, looking up at the heavens, “Why this suffering? Why don’t you do
something about it?”
“I have already done something about it, my son...” came back the reply, “...after all,
I created you, haven’t I?”


When I found the key to success, somebody had changed the lock.

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