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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Since Raj has introduced us to each other, the days have been very good for us. I mean I didn't talk to her or so, but at least we exchange smile regularly. Let's see whether I can sit beside her sometime and have a word or two.

I sat beside her today in the bus while returning from office. We were chatting a lot, on no specific topics as such, but I really enjoyed her company. She is really a cute, simple and sweet girl. She said she will be reserving a seat for me in the morning bus. Let's see whether she really keeps her promise…

Since last few days, she had been reserving a seat for me in the morning as well as in the evening bus. We both seem to enjoy each other's company very well. I decided to take a step forward today. I asked her for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I was a bit depressed about what she might reply but surprisingly, she said yes without even thinking for a moment as if she was actually waiting for such a move from my side. We decided to meet at 4 near the café inside the campus.
She didn't turn up. I don't have her cell number so I even couldn't call her and ask why she did so. It was so embarrassing for me to wait there just alone. Did she do it purposefully? Why? I could make out no sensible reason.
If she would be having a meeting or some office work, she should have informed me. She didn't call me. My extension or even cell number was available with the telephone directory. Did she do it for the only reason that she wanted to show that she doesn't care for me and prove her importance?
Today there happened a real disaster. The servers were down and I was so busy in recovering them, debugging the code that I almost forgot I had my first 'date' with Niru. I suddenly remembered it just before going to a meeting at 2 and I was sure that I can easily finish off with the meeting by 4 and meet Niru, but no. The destiny had some other plans. I had to be in meeting till 5. I even couldn't phone Niru and inform him that I am not coming. When the meeting was over, it was already 6. He must have left for the day. He was going to Mumbai today, so he must have left early.
What can I do? I wanted to meet him and apologize face to face. Mail or phone won't do. I hope we meet on Monday. I'll explain him everything. He is a nice guy. He will understand me properly. I am hoping so, obviously I don't have any other option at least till Monday.

[To be continued...]

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