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Yes, i heard this before from a friend of my husband's. He is a writer and has done some research on Kannadigas. He is in the IPS and is presently SP, Haveri.
As Silappadikaram written in the 2nd centuary AD suggests the presence of Kannadigas in the Nilgiris, (the king witnissing a kannadiga dance in the Nilgiris) could only mean us(Badagas). So it could mean that we are indigenous to the Nilgiris rather than migrants.
The Badaga we speak is the same as olden Kannada langauge. Most of the words like kunna(small), oragu(sleep), ittu(food) and many more are not used by Kannadigas now, but were used before. The SP suggests that Kannada has been Sanskritized to appeal to modern generations and that his grandparents still use the words we use now (he noticed it when we were speaking at home).
There is a small village called Mallavalli on the way to Mysore from Bangalore (on the left side of the road) somewhere near Mandya. If you noticed you will see that the houses build are similar to the ones built in our hatti's (lined houses with similar exteriors, i dont know about the inside). It struck me that there could be some connection between these people and us. I plan to look inside the next time i go home. Anyone else noticed this?
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