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Joined: 11 Aug 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello everybody,

warm greetings to all of you and your families!!

The oft-spoken topic from the recent past is the way our youth is getting out of the villages in search of emloyment, the parents following suit to live with their wards in the towns/ cities, the conspicuous absence of considerable % of people in the village (locked houses) and so on, in our hatties across the Nilgiris District.

Now let's look at the positives also, since the negatives are obvious:

The tea cultivation & revenue having dwindled abyssmally over the recent years, the failure of the cooprative tea factories (from Govt) to provide support to the hapless members, the lopsided dependence on one-crop(tea) in most of the hatties, the ground crops not being remunerative due to the never ending exploitation of the farming community, all combined as a rock has hit the community so hard that the people can't get to even see the light at the end of the tunnel in the near future (as far as the agrarian side of the occupation).

Now look at the way our youth inspite of their local education are able to fight the competition from their likes from the city, get educated and get started on excellent careers, in turn helping the parents for a decent living. All this has happened when we are really in need of alternatives to the problem ridden living at native place.

Though some of the agricultural communities from other parts have suffered similarly due to climatic vagaries and other reasons, our people are able to withstand the loss rather gracefully, thanks to the simple living style and inexpensive food habits and ability to live within the means. All this is God given to the unique badaga people.

The phenamenon of some of our people going to places like Coimbatore and Tirupur for employment is something which has come as a natural choice, given the nearest place of migration. It's driven by the need in some hatties, as there are people who are landless and have been living only on agriculture based employment. Shouldn't we take pride that our people have an innate resilience in times of trouble, rather than attempting something as morbid as the farmers of Maharastra or Andra who have chosen to take their own lives!!!

All this according to me are the positives and some kind of an evolution. Let's accept the same, though we wish our basic texture and ethos and customs to be preserved.

I will only be too happy if some of our people at high positions politicaly and otherwise are able to put their heads together, to bell the cat (the powers that be) and get some benefits to our people whose basic livelihood has been hard hit. If you think it is like a wild goose chase, let's leave the topic.

Have these thoughts for food for sometime and munch over. I shall write about the success stories of the badagas in my next posting!!

Meanwhile I invite your comments on my thoughts!

Cheers to all and God bless.

Kil Kundah (@ Chennai)
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Joined: 12 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:34 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Brother Radhakrishnan,
Thanks for your views on Our Nilgiris and Our proud people. As you mentioned, I too accept the fact of our recent migration in search of a job atlest to meet the basic needs. My worries revolves around some of our people who tend to settle down in Metropolitan Cities after a decent living and earning. If at all our elders who have retired from a good postings could come back to the hatties and could guide the students as well as the people who are in immediate need of a good moral support and knowledge.
Are we doing this? I agree that students should go out in search of good jobs and earnings. Its a must as all our parents have strived very hard to bring us up. Its our primary duty to fulfill their wishes and earn them a good name. Now my question is after these dimensions of life why are we trying to settle ourselves out side the Hatties?
Of course one could give n number of reasons such as we dont have Hospital facilities, No suitable climatic conditions, no knowledge updates, no way to develop business, and on and on.......................... I think when we start giving reasons like these, there is no meáning in us talking about the upliftment of our people and our traditions.
Speaking about the Agriculture, we always try to put a blame on the land and market. I do agree with this as I could feel the pain of our people. I also know its easy to comment sitting in front of a lifeless computer and talk about the lives of our people. But at the same time, how people from outside( especially the kannadigas) are able to strive so good in our place with Agriculture as a base? Now most of the lands are being occupied by them and they are the owners.
Here arises the question of Science or Spirituality. If its Science, does it mean that our people dont have enough knowledge about agriculture when compared to others? Or if its Spiritual, does it mean that we have some curse on our community that always our people face losses while the others are able to sustain so well?
According to my opinion, its all the results of Selfishness and greed that have occupied our heart instead of Love and Service. I ask this question to myself and find myself guilty as I could not help our people. Its only through self questioning and self discipline that we would understand the pain of others and come forward to help others. At the same time its the morality of the people who recieve the help not to make the helpers a fool after gaining the help. So basically the MORALITY plays the important role in which ever field it is.
I might be wrong in certain aspects. But I request our brothers to take this in more a general concept rather than a community concept. Suggestions and views are welcome.

With Love
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Joined: 31 Dec 1998
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:51 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Brother Gopenath,

Agriculture can never be replaced - I opine. The success of "outsiders" in The Nilgiris indicate, we have the traditional hardwork a go by.

The employment at near by towns are definitely a byproduct of the happenings at Nilgiri Tea Factories that are exploited by all time awake so called "Tea Brokers" at auction centres.

I suggest all members who write in this forum to go thro Mrs Anitha Gokul's writings abot the reality and status of FIRs against Tea brokers.

If this action goes well, we will see a revival of life and "home coming" of Badagas. If not perhaps in a century from now, there will be archelogical writings about the Nilgiris and Badagas.

Do we give chance to the evolution and our some what vanishing style of badaga Culture or go back to the basics and revive ourself ?

Let us hope, we retain our tradition and dont make another Paul Hockins write about badagas flip side.


Devarajan Mathan-
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