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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello everybody,

I have been musing over the uniqueness of our community for some time now and made it a point to discuss the subject to whomsoever from our hatties I have met in the near past.

First of all, what strikes me is the simple living style of the badaga people. be it the food habits which just have to be rice and curry. Secondly the way of life with out much desire to amasse wealth and to live life within the means. Thirdly the contentedness among the village folk. Next comes the unique hospitality which is spontaneous among all ou people, even when a stranger visits us. Last but not the least is, the peace loving and gregarious populace to generalize the whole lot of people which I am proud to be part of.

These unique traits I think have been the mantras for good living and longivity among the badaga community.

I started thinking about this basically from my point of view as a city dwelling guy for quite some time now. Every time I visit the hatty ( I am from Kilkundah) I get to experience breathing the pure air which in a way seems to cleanse the respitaory system itself, the scenic beauty of our own hills and the clouds, the greenery all over and the calm ness of the place thru the day. What a wonderful experience. Whenever some one from the city speaks of our hospitality and the uniqueness of our people, I get elated and believe you do enjoy as much as I do.

If this is the place where we belong, then why are we living elsewhere (as my little son asks us often) and why are we getting lost into the maddening crowds of the city, why suffer from the constant hunger for money, unsatisfying daily worklife, why are we getting to breathe the polluted air and fall sick at the drop of rain, and artficial leisure we create and on and on and on......!!!

I understand God doesn't give you everything you want. He has chosen us to realize the paradox of life. All said and done, I am proud I am a native of the hills and will sing in praise of our land till my last breathe!!
We should only thank God and our own Hetthai for this blessings!!

If I sounded very poetic, or philosophical please parden me.

I thought I should continue my writing in the forum on subject of curernt interest and concern for all of us, but not without my opening feelings about our land which is so invigorating at the very thought.

Radhhakrishnan (call me Radhu) from Chennai
(Kil Kundah)
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