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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 5:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

In comparison with good[?!] old days we have all modern day comforts with every thing automatic, or in the process of becoming fully automatic.

We have Mixie, TV, Fridge, Audio/Video systems, Washing Machine. Water Heater, Gas Stove. Remote Controls, Computers etc.We have great salaries and multiple earning members in several houses. Bigger houses, better Cars. All this happend in last two decades. This is a big transformation.

Still we hear so many of us murmering, life is so mechanical. The word Tension is used more often than not in the hatties.

Vanished[ vanishing] are, Attu Kallu, Ole, Oralu etc..

Mixie -to washing Machine - to Cars, EVERYTHING is mechanical items. We are surrounded by all such items day in and day out. So what is surprising if life becomes mechanical.?

TV serials have become common late evening life. Neigbours gather together to watch SERIALS and debate which Character is good / bad. Even if thief enters the house, no one would notice at that time. Begone are the days when guest comes, we greet them with good words. Now every visitor is a troublesome inttruders.

TV serial time is perhaps the only time where Daughter-in-Law & Mother-in-law are together in a room, with mouth shut for a longer duration. Long live TV Serial makers ?!?. .

Well - watch the transformations.

1. Earlier the Cap flap is put on front - Now the Cap is turned and flap is on the reverse.

2. Earlier, stair cases are stable and people climb up and down. Now people stand still and stairs [ Elevators] Move up and down

3. Earlier Oralu is grinding with hands on rotational move. Now hands are still and Grinder/Mixie is rotating.

4. Earlier glasses are used for reading. Now [goggles] glasses are used for fashion.

5. Earlier we go to Cinema theatres to watch Movies. Now Movies come home in TVs, VCDs & DVDs. We go to theatre and Pay. Now the Channel man comes home and collect money.

6. Earlier we visit Hatties to see people and enquire their well being. Now daily we discuss over phone.

7. Earlier Telephones are fixed at one location and people go and reach Telephones. Now people go everywhare and Phones[Mobiles] are always in their hand.

8. Earlier people iron their cloths for neat look. Now crumpled Jeans is the in thing.

9. Earlier ladies keep long hair. Now ladies cut short their hair.

10. Earlier people wear dresses to hide their body. Now people wear dresses to expose their body.

11. Earlier parents look for matches, married and loved. Now youngsters love and then fix marriage and then inform elders and put them in a fix.

12. Earlier we type and take typed copy use our skills to correct and re type. Now computers correct all errors, and no work for brain and we take single copy.

13. Earlier we took long time to cook. Now we take less time to cook with Electric cookers and Microwave owens.

Earlier we have lot of time to go to movie, dance etc.. Now we hurry .. hurry and say we have no time.

We run and run to breathlessly and perhaps we run all the way till our last breath.

Earlier when some one gets good life and earning we call it "yoga" for them. Now we need to call YOGA [ asanams] for help for good life after earning

Let us halt for a while and take a deep breath.

Cheers [ ?!? ]

Devarajan Mathan-
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