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Badaga Wedding

Badaga customs and traditions are known for their simplicity, adaptibility and practicality. In this respect a Badaga wedding follows a set of simple rules over the centuries. But for a minor change here and there, it has been almost the same in all the villages spread across the Nakku Betta / the Nilgiri Hills. Badaga weddings are generaly arranged ones.

The greatest plus points of a Badaga marriage are that there is NO DOWRY [though of late this trend is being given a go by indirectly], the wedding always takes place in the boy’s (bride groom’s) house [or the place of his choice in case of a Kalyana Mandapam /Hotel] and all the wedding expenses including the customary feast [Maduve Hittu of only vegetarian dishes], are borne by the groom’s family.

Incidentally, divorce and remarriges are not uncommon and a widow is not condemned for ever like in most of the Hindu communities and in many cases the widow can marry again even if she has children from her earlier marriage.


Whenever a boy comes of age or rather his parents feel that it is time for him to marry (in ancient days a boy would be considered fit to marry at a comparitively young age of say fifteen years. It could also be due to the fact that life expectancy was very low), a lookout for a suitable match is carried out.

Two important factors that are taken into consideration are the ‘MORAY’ and the age of the girl. Moray is an unique concept of defining the relationship among Badagas, a concept that has very good scientific reasons and helped in propagation of the community in which marriages do not take place between very close relatives. In a village all are considered as brothers and sisters and hence a marriage cannot take place between a boy and a girl from the same village.

Also, the Badaga Villages [hattis] are grouped into communes apart from the four SEEMEs. In a commune which consists of say Six Villages [called AARU OORU] or Nineteen Villages [Hathombattu Ooru] again every one is a brother or a sister, though the villages may not be physically located close by. For example, Jakkada, Karekorai, Bearhatti, Mel Bikkatti, Keeya Bikkatti, Manjida are part of AARU OORU and hence no marriage can take place among them.

Once the moray is verified and a girl is selected, it is always from the boy’s side that the first step is taken.The talk of marriage called ‘HENNU KEPUDU’ [literaly, asking for the girl], is carried out when the boy's parents and relatives call on at the girl’s house in a formal function. Here the assumption is made that the boy and the girl have seen each other [in the meanwhile] and have agreed to be life partners.

This follows by the ceremony called 'Honnu Kattodhu' where an amont of Rs.200 is paid by the boy's side to the girl's confirming the marrige contract. This amount of Rs.200 is the same irrespective of the economic status thus maintaining uniformity among all, both rich and poor.

[More info is being added]

A typical Badaga wedding is explained in pictures in my weblog http://badaga.wordpress.com!



To see all the pictures go here http://badaga.wordpress.com/badaga-wedding/

This feature contains the photos taken on the occasion of SENTHIL, son of Mr.Bogga [Maathi] Ari Gowder and Mrs.Maadhi Ammal at Hubbathalai on 28 May 2007, getting married to SHOBANA of Bearhatty. Ari Gowder, Ari Anna to me, is a very jovial and active person.Due to an accident of a lorry running over his feet, Ari Gowder is confined to his home these days.

Wg Cdr JP -
, http://www.baduga.in , www.badaga.name
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