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Weird Trial

Author: Rajkumar Joghee
Article Category: General Interest, News
  Published on Jun 22, 2005 : 01:52:00 PM
The way of life

Weird Trial

Desire is the word that rules the modern world. People go to any extent to accomplish their desires. There was a cause to live, for our forefathers who had the zeal of achieving things but the present generation is striving to intrude into the rationale of living. Infact there lays obscurity in the accomplishments of the world. There is a feeling of insecureness in the minds of people. The outcome of this timid feeling becomes the root cause for the people to assume that life is just to enjoy until death. India, which is the land of great culture, is being browbeaten by the west in the name of modernization. This is a situation where one has to feel pity about India.

Due to this modernization the youths of the country are exposed to everything that’s going around the world. Thus, it has taken to a situation where “Life is short-enjoy” has become the slogan of almost all the youths in the country.

This being the case, there is the need to think how the future India would look like. Faith is lacking behind. Hope is fading. Trust is lost. There is the necessity to act without being true to ones own self. Just a peep into the future of the country, one may come across uncertainty. If taken in the perspective of improvement of the nation one has lot many things to contribute. Let us just take poverty which is a major drawback. Why not each one of us work together to sweep it off? Though most of us are educated, do we often think of a public cause which may bring happiness to many? By the time we Indians realize ourselves, it will be high time. While foreigners find our culture interesting and adopting it, why don’t we understand the value of our own culture? Time has come for us to protect and safeguard our precious culture and take it to its highest point. We are slowly moving towards western culture wherein we loose our own identity.


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Name: Rajkumar Joghee
Details: Iam from Sundatty,kotagiri.have persued my Masters in English literature from mysore university.currently working in Infosys BPO bangalore...myself iam a straight forward, a funloving guy with great sense of humour, very ambitious,Iam always ahead in

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