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The Breeze

Author: Anandhan Raju
Article Category: Arts, Poems
  Published on Jan 24, 2013 : 01:31:16 AM
“The Breeze” is a poem written by me in imitation of “The Brook” by Lord Tennyson.
I come from crests of Cockscomb Hills

Pacing over ridges,

I rove about the blooming gills,

And race along the fringes.

I drift the mist that wreathes the crowns,

And chill a stream at shallows,

I play among the marshy grounds,

And shake hands with the mallows.

I creep through trees that fork about,

And stir the leaves to a rustle,

I make the flowers sway about,

And float the scent in a bustle.

I sleep away the sunny noon,

And wake up with a wriggle,

I loiter on to watch the moon,

And count the stars that twinkle.

I hush the nestlings to keep calm,

And stroke the birds that twitter.

I sweep along a lonely farm,

Where weevils softly mutter.

I hiss and hiss around the fields

Strolling along hedges,

I tickle, tickle all the weeds,

And pass over many ledges.

I gad about a rushy pool,

Amidst a brimming thicket,

I dip into a gaping coomb,

Echoing chirps of crickets.

I hug the meadows as I blow,

And kiss the dew that glitters,

I find my way to your window,

To make the curtains flutter.

I’m a gentle wind, to tell the truth,

I keep men hale and hearty.

I go on blowing, warm or cool,

To make all look very pretty.


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 » About the Author
Name: Anandhan Raju
Details: My late Great Grandfather's name is Ponga Bellie, Gowda of Mekkunadu Seemai. My late Grandfather's name is Ranga, A self-taught Carpenter and a Builder. My father's name is Raju. He had his BA in 1953, the first degree holder in our village. He had b

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