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Author: Site Administrator
Article Category: Arts, Poems
  Published on Nov 03, 2003 : 11:03:02 PM
A Poem Contributed by Vimala Sivakumar


Splendid is the day,
and so is the night.
She sees me play with the air,
she sees me play with the water.
I kindle her fire,
and never let her retire.
Sometimes she yells ,
sometimes she lulls.
She has four dresses,
the best is that of grasses.
She is the one who feeds,
inspite of all my deeds.
She makes me feel warm,
She is worlds greatest mom.
I give her the tears,
Yet she gives me the stars.
Now I'll give her a shower of flower,
Oh brothers and sisters do you hear?
I need her and I love her,
She is my Mother Nature.

Copyright 2000 Vimala Sivakumar

This poem has been published at www.poetry.com - see link below.


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