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Hereditary Disease prevailant in our community

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Article Category: General Interest, Health
  Published on Dec 21, 2006 : 10:22:34 PM
One of the Genitical Disorder disease called Sickle Cell Anaemia which is prevailant in our community.The need to create awareness about the effects of the disease. Help patients affected with this disease, specially the mental agony they face through
This artical is about the disease called Sickle Cells Anaemia. This disease is a kind of Genetical disorder which is commonly prevailant in our community and also other tribes of Nilgiris. This disease is related to blood disorder. Normally there are RBC(Red Blood Corpuscles), WBC(White Blood Corpuscles) and Platlets which form the blood. The RBCs give red color to our blood. They transport Oxygen needed to all the tissues and cells in our body. Blood is produced in BoneMarrow. The RBCs are Amoeba in shape which makes it possible to travel through very thin blood vessels in our body for transportation of oxygen. For example our Bones contain very thin blood vessels through which blood flows and gives strength to our bones. A person affected with this disease is born with this disease. The problem is with the RBCs'. In this disease the Shape of RBC changes, means, it becomes the shape of a Sickle. This happens due to the absence of Oxygen in RBC. So RBCs' become like bent rod shape, thus blocking the free flow of blood through the blood vessels. If the blood flows through very thin blood vessels, then, if several Sickle Cells stagnate result in block leading to person suffering pain at that area. The pain may be mild or quite high for about several hours to 3 to 4 days after which it reduces and the person becomes normal. A person gets affected with this disease only if both of the parents are having a small percentage of Sickle Cells in their blood. But the parents will be normal. Only if the blood test is done, can we diagnose. So parents are called traits medically, meaning, they are carriers of this disease and the person fully affected with this disease is called Sickle Cell Patient. If both of the parents are carriers(traits) of this disease there is 25% chance the child becoming a Sickle Patient. If proper genetical counseling is done, efforts to stop the disease for the child before birth is done by doctors. There is no medicine to cure this disease even though medicines are available to control the disease and keep the patient in good health. One possible remedy is through Bone Marrow Transplantation. This disease was diagonised in our community in the year 1960. Its now nearly 50 years. After so many years, many of our people who have become Doctors have not taken a single initative to prevent this disease or help create an awareness of this disease. Its a kind of shame to our Doctors. There is no links between getting married and with this disease, thinking the person may be impotent to lead a family life. It is totally wrong as the Doctors say. The only opinion of Doctors is that the person affected with this disease should marry a person, free of this genetical disorder. I write about this disease just as an introduction. One of my cousin is suffering from this disease. But he is doing well with the medications given to him. He is at the age of getting married and based of several opinions of several leading Doctors giving him a strong positive signal for him getting married, his parents are trying alliance for him. He is of the mind to disclose the disease to parents and bride. They had an alliance agreeing to get married and after he telling about his condition they just simply ignored and rejected him !! He felt very dejected! He has a very good qualification and working for software company. He is normal. But our community is not aware of this disease and also ignore this. We even belive in astrologers but not Doctors!strange !! Why should the people do such a thing to persons like this. He can well enough hide the matter and get married. But he was soo broad minded to disclose! The same disease can affect even girls too and if so what would the parents of girls do to get her married ? !! I plead our community members on behalf of my cousin, to create an awareness campaign of this disease, by first approaching our own community Doctors. My cousin's personal physician has promised to prepare a document of this disease. Next article I post is the document by the Doctor prepared regarding this disease.


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