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Author: Devarajan Mathan
Article Category: General Interest, Opinions
  Published on Jun 12, 2007 : 10:54:17 AM
Honesty is the Best Policy - Doctors Or Astrologers ?

I have read the article ' Sickle Cell Anemia' by one of the members. The member rightly pointed out that we  tend to believe astrologers but not Doctors. The writer and his cousin did the right things. However, theer is no point for dejection. It is easier said than done, but there is no dearth of right thinking persones and their parents in our community. The boy is bound to get a suitable match. I wish him.

I have known few biys and girls in our community who hides their short falls and get 'cushi' seating with their spouses only to be found later for a bitter ends.

The WHO [ World Health Organization] defines good health as Physical, Mental and Psychological well being. Hither to nknown for several of us we have been thinking of physical health only. The Mental and psychological health also has their part of share of well being. Therefore, a total examination by psychiatrist and psychologists and Physical experts is better for both the boy and the girl in the long run.

 The Sickle cell anemia is common among Nilgiri habitats. Since our community has an hoistory of nearly 5 centuries, it is not uncommon if several in the community has this deformation.

We should shun the inhibition to verify oursels and projecting the true nature of the fitness in all occasions.  Let us be once again be remind ' fact sustains ' !





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Name: Devarajan Mathan
Details: Studied at PSG Tech BE Hons & ME; Worked at Chennai, Pune, Gujarat for 18 Years, 2 Years as Professor at Engg College Coimbatore. Currently at GDA Technologies Inc, Award winner for PCB production facilities. Couple of scribbling in Technical ma

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