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Eye Voltage

Author: Site Administrator
Article Category: Arts, Poems
  Published on Nov 03, 2003 : 11:20:38 PM
A PoemContributed by Kalyanaraman Bellie

Eye Voltage

Above those rosy dimple cheeks and below the bow like eyebrows
Showcased within the delicate lids and sincere silky lashes
Bright as the sun and pleasant as the moon they glow.

They speak faster than your lips below
This new language seems more difficult for me to follow.
They exhibit your heart to this world around.

When at joy they glow with a smile.
At moments of sorrow they cascade like the Nile.
When at anger they go wild and hostile,
At times of need they care for the fragile.

God give me more time, or I'll have to hire,
To be with those precious gems which I admire.

How long should I wait in hostage,
To experience that lightning Eye Voltage.

Copyright 2003 Kalyanaraman Bellie


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