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Empower Your Land!

Author: Nanjundan Bhojan
Article Category: General Interest, Opinions
  Published on Dec 07, 2005 : 08:33:39 AM
Lets consider this!!!

hi folks,

          Life has changed a lot in nilgiris. look at the dramatic change happen' in our home town, the recession which started way back in 1999 is still on its way and no one knows when the curtains will be down  and that day is go' to be a new dawn. This recession has made  many people move out  of their hattis in search of jobs.Under the present consequence the future looks very bleak and if this continues we may end up like a another parsi community which is under the peril of extinction.So stalwarts kindly consider of giving something back to the community which will empower our hattis.Your detroits or sillicon valleys or our bengaluru were not the same when they were initially found.Visionaries have changed these places so why don't we dream about a prosperous naakubetta.

Nanjundan Bhojan



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Name: Nanjundan Bhojan
Details: I\'ve started my career in finance and worked in areas such as risk management,assets and investment banking.Presently I run a wealth management company.

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