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A Hymn to Heththe

Author: Bellan Nanjundan DevAnand
Article Category: Culture, Poems
  Published on Dec 21, 2003 : 02:51:04 AM
Legends and lore apart, the Heththe-factor in Badaga culture originally sought to sustain an Ecological Motif in the life and religion of the people

A Hymn to Heththe -
the Ancestress Goddess of the Badagas of Nilgiris
(An adaptation into English by Rev. Philip K. Mulley)

Mother Endearing

Plighted fast unto us


Promises of Thee.

Come O Dodda Heththe !

Heththe of Bereghanni

Maasi is thine name

Naalku betta is thine home.

When mountains so lofty

Over us loom and Lo !

Brilliant is the bloom

Of flowers so numerous

Wreathed in silver

The smile of thee

Vaulted in the sky

The radiance of moon so benign

Golden is Thine shade

And sweet so it turns

Summers so many.

Nilgiri is thine abode

Majestic its walls all around

Bestow on us - Mighty Mother

Smother us with - boons of life

Beseech we, of thee

Blessings of Prosperity

Treasure ever, thine providence is

Measureless are offerings of thybounty

Thy protection we behold

Thy presence we adore

          *** END ***

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 » About the Author
Name: Bellan Nanjundan DevAnand
Details: My Father : Mr.NANJUNDAN -Alias PRAGALATHAN [My Grandparent Mr.BELLAIAH & Mrs.PARVATHI AMMAL choose this name for his son, but our loved kith & kin malformed this name as PIRIGALANNA(Pragalathan + Anna :) ), so the names PIRIGALAN or PIRIGALANNA are
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